Full Restaurant Menu

We have a new & expanded menu that you are going to love, featuring authentic Indian appetizers, entries and specialties! Our award-winning cuisine is available for dine-in, take-out, and private catering as well.

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1. Vegetable Samosa … $4.95
Crispy vegetable turnover made from four filled with delicious potatoes & peas.

2. Samosa Chaat … $6.95
Mashed vegetable Samosa mixed in special chickpeas sauce, chutneys, topped with onions and coriander.

3. Vegetable Pakoras … $3.95
Mixed fresh vegetables dipped in deliciously spiced batter and prepared to golden perfection.

4. Chicken Pakora … $4.95
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in Indian spices and gently cooked and served piping hot.

5. Shrimp Imli … $7.95
Shrimps lightly marinated and sauteed in tangy sauce touched with herbs and cooked with bread crumbs.

6. Paneer Pakora … $6.95
Homemade cheese fritters gently seasoned with spices, served hot.

7. Aloo Tikki … $6.95
Grilled potato patties favored with chili peppers and coriander, served with chickpeas and yogurt sauce.

8. Onion Bhajia … $5.95
Tinly sliced onions dipped in gram four and spice, carefully cooked to golden perfection.

9. Cholle Bhatura … $9.95
Large sof deep fried bread served with special chickpeas, yogurt, fresh onions, and lemon.

10. Tandoori Mix Appetizer … $9.95
A delicious combination of chicken and lamb grilled in our charcoal fred Tandoor.

11. Mint Paneer Tikka … $9.95
Cheese cooked in a mint based sauce.